School Zone Publishing Partners with Grand Haven Area
Public Schools To Bring Award-winning Educational
Software To Elementary Students

Dedicated to furthering better educational opportunities for all children,
School Zone is proud to support students in their own community
GRAND HAVEN, MI, April 30, 2004— School Zone Publishing announced today a unique partnership with Grand Haven Area Public Schools (GHAPS). 100,000 dollars worth of award-winning educational software and printed materials, will find it’s way to local elementary classrooms. Reinforcing School Zone’s commitment to education, this partnership kicks off a drive to bring top-tier educational materials to elementary students across the United States. 
Included in this partnership, School Zone offered GHAPS their entire line of software  at a 90% discount, supplying an additional 500 pieces of printed support material, and conducted training sessions for area teachers. Negotiations were conducted by Brian Wheeler, Grand Haven Area Public School’s Director of Technology and Media Support The first step in GHAPS approval was involving key elementary teacher in the selection process. Each teacher was given criteria to evaluate and score the programs, keeping in mind curriculum needs. School Zone presented each program and spent time interacting with the teachers during the evaluation process. Once School Zone’s material passed inspection, teachers identifying the first titles to be implemented into classrooms. Next, School Zone worked with GHAPS technology team preparing the programs for network deployment. Training session for area teachers is an important part of this partnership–helping guarantee a successful launch.
Teachers and students within Grand Haven’s eight elementary schools will be the principal beneficiaries of School Zone’s software, workbooks, beginning readers and teacher guides.  The software combines the very best of traditional workbooks and flash cards with today’s innovative multimedia technology to present creative learning activities in a fun environment, while the print material provides additional skill practice in math and reading areas.
 “School Zone is pleased to join in such a worthwhile partnership, which will enable students in our local school system to benefit from all of our hard work, developing the highest quality, most up-to-date curriculum possible. ” said Jonathan Hoffman, School Zone Interactive CEO.
 “GHAPS is excited to be joining with a local company with such great educational materials.  It is easy to bring new software into the classroom but much more difficult making sure it will be used effectively. The training and support School Zone offers will help us assure classroom implementation,” said Brian Wheeler, Grand Haven Area Public School’s Director of Technology and Media Support. “This educational partnership will help Grand Haven children achieve higher test scores and benefit the community by spreading out our precious grant dollars.”  
— School Zone Publishing has 25 years of proven educational experience. 
— Students respond to a combination of traditional learning combined with today’s high-tech approach.
— The first-ever comprehensive workbook-like software to offer specific skill sets.
     Educational emphasis interspersed with entertaining games.
— The software provides audio guidance and tracks each student’s progress.
— Thousands of variations on problems and play provide unlimited repeat usage.
— Easy-to-use, install, and implement for both teachers and students.
— 90% discount offers a terrific value.
— Traditional “paper” workbooks and reading books compliment software.
Preschool Skills:
Math Skills: 
Reading Skills: 
Alphabet grade K
Beginning Reading grades K-1: Beep, Beep! and I Want a Pet 
Beginning Reading grades K-1: Jog, Frog, Jog and Nine Men Chase a Hen
Beginning Reading grades 1-2: A Different Tune and It’s Magic
Beginning Reading grades 1-2: The Big Race and Nicole Digs a Hole

Reading Readiness grades K-1 

Phonics grades 2-3
Language Skills: 
Spelling Puzzles grade 1
Vocabulary Puzzles grade 1
Creativity Skills:
Draw & Paint Plus 
Teacher Binders: 40
Beginning Reader Books: 268
Reproducible Workbooks Corresponding to Software: 192
School Zone Publishing Partners with Grand Haven Schools to Make Software Available