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Do you use workbooks to help your kids learn? I do. I’m a big believer in educating your kids both at school and in the home. School Zone has affordable workbooks for your young student. Starting from toddlerhood to sixth grade, School Zone can help teach your child necessary basics.

My daughter is four. We have numerous workbooks for her and she loves them. For now, we sort of homeschool as we cannot afford preschool and she starts kindergarten next year. As others are going back to school, we are opening our workbooks. I received four books from School Zone, and a set of Math flash cards. The flash cards I’ve had to store away for now.

I have Beginning Reading which skills include: Learning Letter Sounds, Recognizing Words, Analyzing and Categorizing. This is labelled for grades 1 & 2. It’s a short 30 page workbook. It has rhyming and opposites which my daughter can do now at four. Some of the other pages are a little harder for her age, which is expected. It has analyzing short stories and matching appropriate sentences and some writing, which my daughter is still learning.

School Zone Offers Many Educational Workbooks!

Spelling Puzzles starts off really easy and ends up challenging your young student as it goes. It includes learning different vowel sounds, consonants and beginning & ending sounds. The puzzles vary and have your child de-scrambling words, doing word searches and more.

Time, Money and Fractions is for grades 1 & 2. I personally feel fractions may be a little advanced for 1st and 2nd grade, but it’s always good to get a head start on these useful life skills. I have already been working with my daughter on money and time, so I’m happy to have a workbook with some pages to help. The money pages help add, show both front and back of coins, and even include the half dollar! Time includes teaching the expressions “half past” and “quarter to”. It’s very beneficial to learn time terminology as I know some adults who don’t even use quarter to or quarter after properly.

Little Thinkers is a combination practice workbook. It teaches math, logic, reading, vocabulary, and phonics. These grade school workbooks are affordable, at $2.99 each. They’re short so your child won’t get overwhelmed with too many pages. Yet long enough to get the lessons across. School Zone workbooks are available at Toys R’ Us and

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