by The Bragging Mommy

Do your kids love electronics as much as mine do? I am certain my kids would choose to play our tablets or smartphones ALL DAY LONG if I would allow it. For the record, I try to mix up their day with good old imaginative play, but I think there is a lot of good things that kids can learn from tablets. That is why I was excited to review a Little Scholar Tablet!

LITTLE SCHOLAR® tablet from SchoolZone (leading educational kids publisher) is jam packed with 150 educational apps (including videos, songs and e-books), valued at nearly $400 worth of FREE content. Little Scholar provides its users with lessons based on all of the “core curriculum” subjects for preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, including math, reading, spelling, logic, creativity, and geography. Parents can even use an App management tool to choose the apps, music, and e-books that are active on Little Scholar, so they can tailor the content to fit the learning needs of their children. Little Scholar was made for kids 3-7 and features an 8-inch screen and runs a Google Android(tm) 4.2.2 operating system.”

Want to know why I love this tablet so much? It comes preloaded with over 200 apps, books, and songs that keep my youngest children entertained. That’s right…I said preloaded!! We were playing with our tablet shortly after it came out of the box (we had to take some time to charge it up) because we didn’t have to download anything . The best thing about this electronic learning toy is that not only are my kids engaged in the fun activities that come on the Little Scholar Tablet, they are learning all the while! I don’t have to worry about my son opening up YouTube or Internet Explorer either, and that puts my mind at ease.

Things that are BRAG WORTHY:

  • Start to Read! Books offers colorful characters and memorable themes to build a solid literary foundation.
  • Interactive flash cards and Fraction Attraction build math competence.
  • Napoleon Bone Apart teaches science & eye-hand coordination.
  • Artistic apps for painting, color and shape recognition build creativity skills.
  • Charlie & Company™ educational series features live action & animated adventures starring a golden retriever and his best friend.

The Little Scholar Tablet is designed to prepare young kids for Pre-K through 1st grade so it is perfect for my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter. They are able to navigate the screen easily, and the activities are definitely exciting for them to play with. This is a tablet that provides a productive learning experience for my kids and that makes this mom happy! If you are looking for a learning tablet for your child, head over to to see even more features of the Little Scholar Tablet!

The Little Scholar Tablet gets BRAGGING RIGHTS!!

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Smarter Everyday with the Little Scholar Tablet