By Devante | Kelly's Thoughts on Things:

The spring season is the season that is filled with beautiful weather days and nonstop fun. Both family and friends will get together and have a blast. Even the kids will have fun outside running back and forth with one another. The thing is, there are still going to be days where they want to stay inside.

Even though most kids love to be outdoors, staying inside will always be an option for them. Therefore, they are going to need something to do inside. With so many different possibilities available, finding something they will like will be hard. I happen to have a couple of selections for you to take a look at. So go ahead and check out all the information I have for you below.


Not all toys have to consist of running around, yelling, and loud noise. In fact, there are plenty of options that can help with the educational aspect of your child’s life. Check out the following:

Thames & Kosmos Flying Ornithopters Set – Build mechanical birds, butterflies, and dragonflies that really fly! An ornithopter is a mechanical aircraft that flies by flapping its wings. It imitates the flapping-wing flight of birds, insects, and bats. With this Geek & Co. Science kit, build four ornithopter models, including a bird, bat, butterfly and dragonfly.

School Zone Telling Time Learning Set – these incredible packages come complete with School Zone’s award-winning workbooks and flash card sets, as well as coloring pads, stickers, crayons, lotto boards and more for endless hours of educational entertainment for the entire family! This is the perfect educational game for your kids to get better with telling time! All this comes in one handy carrying case that makes clean-up and storage easy. Other details include:

  • 1 Learning Pad
  • 4 Game Boards
  • 2 Sets of Game Cards
  • 1 Set of Quiz Cards
  • 40+ Punch-Out Pieces
  • 1 Parent Guide

There is nothing wrong with your child wanting to stay inside for a day. All they need is something to do that they will not get bored of. So go ahead and check out all the information I have for you above.

Spring into Spring with These Fun Toys