From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Every year we turn to the experts — from toddlers to tweens — to test the season’s newest and most hyped toys.

We know that whatever is big at the box office will carry over into the retail toy world, too. So, we expected to see dinosaurs (“Jurassic World”), Star Wars-related merchandise and Minions.

But a Hollywood tie-in doesn’t guarantee a hit, and there were some surprises among this crop of winners from our annual toy test, in which 16 children from across the region converge in a room filled with toys.

All toys are available at major retailers, unless otherwise noted. Prices are manufacturer’s suggested price, although most of these toys can be found discounted as much as half off around this time of year.

Little Scholar Learning Tablet by School Zone ($129.99)

Ages 4 to 5. With decades in education and learning, Little Scholar has its own mobile learning tablet designed for children in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. The testers, who probably have experience with more sophisticated tablets like a parent’s iPad, found this too basic and gave it scant attention.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 50 hottest toys put to the test