School Zone software on interactive whiteboards:
'Our children are learning at such an alarming rate'

INDIANAPOLIS —Julie Chapman, director of Miss Julie’s Early Childhood Education Academy, uses School Zone software with interactive whiteboards in her curriculum every day. Her students’ favorites are Alphabet Express and other reading readiness programs.

Thanks to School Zone software, Chapman said many of her students enter kindergarten with “second-grade reading levels.”

She has enjoyed similar success using School Zone math titles.

“Our children are learning at such an alarming rate with School Zone’s software for the interactive whiteboard, it’s scary—even to me,” Chapman said.

She admits the hardest thing about using School Zone software for the interactive whiteboard is getting her students to “wait their turn.”

“Everyone wants to use it,” she said. But after a little encouragement, "Everyone got good at taking turns.”

“They are having a blast and they’re learning a lot. They don’t know they’re learning; they think they’re playing games. School Zone software is an invaluable tool.”

Chapman added, “School Zone’s software is the best, hands down. It offers so much depth; you really get your money’s worth. Other companies' software? Not so much!”

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