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Product Review:   Super Flash Action Preschool Software & Workbook Combo

If you’ve ever picked out a workbook for your children to sharpen their skills, you know how many options there are available. Some better than others, it is sometimes hard to make a decision about what brand to choose. With their origins stretching back to the early '70′s when schools had undergone some major changes in how education was shared between school and home, School Zone Publishing Company products are always a great place to start your search.

Even though School Zone has been around for over 30 years you don’t have to worry about their products containing outdated content or old-fashioned learning techniques. The School Zone products are created by teachers, for other teachers and parents, using state-of-the-art learning styles and techniques.

The very first thing that I noticed about the Super Flash Action Preschool Software & Workbook we got to try out was how colorful it was!  A lot of the workbooks out there are less than generous on filling their pages with colorful images, but our School Zone workbook has so much color in it every page is exciting for my 4-year-old to look at.

They also do a great job of creating a logical flow of content.  For example the Super Flash Action Preschool Software & Workbook Combo starts out with a section devoted to Pre-Writing Skills, followed by Colors & Shapes, Alphabet & Basic Phonics, Numbers & Early Math, then More Readiness Basics.  The workbook also includes a certificate at the end to fill out when you’ve completed the workbook (finishing 320 pages of learning skills is quite the accomplishment for any preschooler). This particular workbook also comes with Flash Action Colors, Shapes & More Software, which you can see more info about in the below video clip.

School Zone Publishing Company doesn’t just do workbooks either, they obviously offer learning software, as well as flashcards, music downloads, apps, and even books. Rating — 4 out of 5 stars!

Super Flash Action Preschool Workbook & Software :: $19.99

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Super Flash Action Software — Super Deal!