By Your Golden Ticket Blog
Posted by Laura

My son just turned 4 years old and cannot wait for preschool to start again! He loves getting out his school supplies and doing schoolwork. As a former teacher I have seen the difference that the effort put in over the summer and at home throughout the year makes. School Zone is a fabulous family-owned company that is dedicated to creating the best supplemental learning products for preschool and elementary school age students.

Their website is full of workbooks, flash cards and software for kids. School Zone’s selection is very impressive! I love that they have such a wonderful variety of programs and tools to help reinforce the learning and development of my little ones. Everything from School Zone is developmentally appropriate and corresponds with the curriculum for each grade level. School Zone is very specific about which skills and age level each resource is geared for. On their website they also offer some free games, songs and videos. My son really enjoys playing games with me on the computer. They also offer several free apps!

I have been using School Zone workbooks for years in my classroom and now I use them with my son and tutoring students. Recently we received four workbooks that reinforce skills my son is working on. I always like to have a couple in my bag for when we are stuck in waiting rooms. Beyond offering excellent skills practice, I love that the workbook pages are sturdy and the pictures are engaging. School Zone is always coming out with new products and programs so be sure to check out their website often to be up to date on all of their resources!

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