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As the wife of a teacher and the daughter of a former teacher, education is important to me. I was instilled with a respect for school at a young age, and jumped at every chance I could to learn. As a parent, I’m hoping to instill the same passion for learning into my own girls. But the world is a different place than it was when I was a kid, and there are new ideas and tools to navigate like the School Zone Little Scholar Tablet.

While computers were just popping up in classrooms during my childhood, screens are standards in today’s schools. And, if we are honest, in homes as well. This was a trend I initially resisted with my kids. As a new mom, I didn’t want my kids constantly focused on a screen. But over time, I’ve come to realize that tech devices are actually a great opportunity to learn. Sure, they can be overused and abused. But, when used in moderation and as an educational experience, they can be a real gift!

School Zone Little Scholar Tablet Review

School Zone knows the importance of supplementing classroom education with at-home learning opportunities. And what it comes to home technology usage, they have taken the guesswork out of screen time for parents.

I had a chance to take School Zone’s Little Scholar Tablet out for a spin with my daughters Lucy (age 7) and Maggie (age 4.789 – she’s very close to 5 and won’t let me forget it). Like most families, we are the proud owners of a very old iPad. And while we’ve done our best to load it up with educational apps, the device itself is not actually geared toward my girls.

The Little Scholar Tablet is exactly geared toward kids, ages 3-7. It comes preloaded (hello!) with over 150 educational apps, videos and e-books, helping kids hone their skills in math, reading, spelling and more.

All while having fun. On a screen.

Win for mom, win for kids.

My oldest daughter, Lucy, is an avid reader. And while she is at the height of the age range for the Little Scholar Tablet, many of the apps were great practice and review for the skills she is learning in second grade. Maggie, my (nearly) 5 year old, really thrived when using the tablet. She’s the perfect age to really benefit from the early learning opportunities that the Little Scholar Tablet affords.

The graphics are fun and whimsical, and the girls found the games super fun. A big bonus: the tablet has…wait for it…a built in camera. So you can imagine Lucy and Maggie went to town taking pictures of every square inch of our house (and loving every second of it)!

But enough about the kids: let’s talk about what I really love about The Little Scholar Tablet. First, the tablet comes with (free) textured protective bumper. That means that I can trust it in the hands of my beautiful-yet-not-so-graceful girls. It’s just so kid-friendly, something that I haven’t seen in other mainstream tablets.

Parental Features

What really sold me, though, is the parental features. The Parent Guide allows parents to not only manage the apps on the device, but to track their child’s activity and progress. I can check and see what apps they are using, what they are learning and how they are progressing each time they play. It’s like a report card for a tablet!

Parents also benefit from the Parental Controls. The device is Wi-Fi enabled, with a fully-integrated internet browser. Luckily, the internet is parent password protected. If you don’t want your kids browsing the internet, you can lock them out. Parents can also customize the apps, catering the usage to their specifications.

Where To Buy

If you want to give kids great at-home educational opportunities, but aren’t into the idea of an adult tech device, I would definitely recommend School Zone’s Little Scholar Tablet!

The Little Scholar Tablet is available on Amazon with an MSRP of $129.99. It runs on a Google Android Operating 4.4.2 system and is ready to play with or without Wi-Fi. Additional apps can be purchased from the School Zone market and through the Amazon App Store.

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