The Grandparent Advantage: Improve Your Grandchild’s Education

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 28 million school-age children have parents who are working several hours after their children get home from school each day. With so many families living on a fast-paced schedule, more grandparents are finding they have an excellent opportunity to make a significant impact on a grandchild’s education.

Your grandchildren don’t learn quite the same way you or your children did in school. With so much technology incorporated into their daily lives, they want--and learn from--highly engaging, interactive, and educational media. While television and video games keep children entertained, providing them with educational products that supplement their school curriculum and learning habits is the perfect way for you to be actively involved in your grandchild’s education.

As a grandparent, the power is in your hands —literally. With just one click of the mouse or stroke of the touchpad, you can provide highly interactive, engaging, and educational software, workbooks, and flash cards for your grandchildren that will supplement their current school curriculum and learning habits, while keeping them entertained for hours. Entertaining and educating your grandchildren has never been as simple and fun!

The Grandparent Advantage

School Zone—the most experienced, trusted, and popular publisher of educational software, workbooks, and flash cards for children—has been assisting grandparents for decades. These products are a fun, interactive way for grandparents to spend quality time with their grandchildren while laying the groundwork for academic success.

The Software Advantage

With educational software for each grade level, plus individual subjects such as Spelling, Math, “Big Alphabet Express,” Hidden Pictures and more, your grandchildren will long remember the fun they had at their grandparent’s computer. Whether tackling a challenge from school or reviewing another new concept, children develop a love of learning with the educational software from School Zone.

The Workbook Advantage

School Zone’s educational workbooks are filled with bright, vivid illustrations children love and funny, smiling characters that help teach fundamental academic principles. Companion CD-ROMs and stickers are available for some. Grandparents can also use these delightful workbooks interchangeably with School Zone’s flash cards for children.

The Flash Card Advantage

School Zone has an amazing selection of vibrant flash cards for children including Animal Alphabet, Sight Words, Word Families, Addition, Subtraction, Colors, Shapes, Nouns and more. Quiz your grandchildren with School Zone’s brightly colored flash cards and make it into a fun game! School Zone’s flash cards for children are easy to take along to the park or on errands to provide the grandchildren with colorful, educational fun on the go.

The School Zone Advantage

School Zone Publishing Company is a leading provider of educational products for preschoolers through sixth graders. Since 1979, this family-run, Midwestern-based company has sold over 315 million educational software programs, workbooks, flash cards and games for children. Trusted by teachers and parents, School Zone leads the industry in quality content at affordable prices. A wide selection of supplemental materials for any family to enjoy is just a mouse click away at

Author: Heather Preston. 8-5-10.