by Wheel n Deal Mama

School Zone Publishing has been in business for over 35 years helping educators and parents teach their children the basics that they need from Pre-K through 1st grade. Everything from Flash Cards to learning workbooks, they have everything that you need to help your little one learn. Now they have taken a big step into the tablet world with The Little Scholar Tablet!!

We had the chance to review this one and both of my kids (1st and 2nd grade) loved it. There were apps that kept both entertained and learning.

The nice thing with this one is that you don’t need anything to update, you don’t need an internet connection, there aren’t additional apps to buy, it is all preloaded and ready to go!! You CAN upload additional content but it is not necessary, there is already a TON available on the tablet. You just charge it up and go!

The School Zone Little Scholar Tablet has 200+ fun apps, books, songs and videos available on it!! That is a $390 value ALREADY loaded onto the tablet, which retails $149-199! (In fact, right now it is on sale at for $144!!)

Size wise it is perfect for little hands, not too big, not to small. The apps are BIG on the screen and easy to navigate. My only complaint would be the start up time, but other than that, once you are in, it is quick!

It runs on the Google Android 4.2.2 operating system and is available at Toys R Us!! You can read more about the tablet at

One thing I will say — my kids both have been used to the iPad and despite that fact, the apps on this tablet DID keep them occupied and entertained!

The Little Scholar Tablet from School Zone: Ideal to Prepare Your Child for Pre-K through 1st!