The School Zone Advantage: Pass Timed Math
and Spelling Tests With Flying Colors

School Zone, the most experienced and trusted publisher of educational software, workbooks and flash cards for children, has developed an innovative way to overcome one aspect of education children dread: timed math tests and weekly spelling tests. School Zone gives your children an advantage through three educational software programs designed to help them pass math and spelling tests with flying colors.

The Math Advantage: Flash Action Addition and Subtraction

School Zone’s Flash Action Addition and Subtraction software helps children build the speed skills needed for timed math tests. Learning addition and subtraction facts is easy and fun with this innovative fast-paced math software. Children can race the clock, challenge a friend to a game of Fast Facts or test their speed and accuracy in addition, subtraction or mixed problems.

This software includes a helpful reference chart and a scorecard that tracks progress and improvement as well as areas that need additional review. Flash Action Addition and Subtraction software inspires your child to look forward to timed math tests instead of dreading them.

The Math Advantage: Flash Action Multiplication and Division

Flash Action Multiplication and Division software is flash cards for children with a techno twist. Similar in style to the addition and subtraction educational software, this interactive program makes learning fast and easy. Children can race against a clock, challenge a friend, or test themselves for accuracy and speed. You can set the difficulty of the timed tests, as well as the type of math problems your child needs to practice.

School Zone’s educational software also includes a handy reference chart so children can check their answers, as well as a printed scorecard to record progress. The colorful interface and silly reward animations in Flash Action Multiplication and Division are fun and friendly, yet another way that School Zone makes learning entertaining and engaging.

The Spelling Advantage: Spelling 1-2 for Spelling Tests

Weekly spelling tests become a breeze with School Zone’s Spelling 1-2 software. This imaginative program develops your child’s skills in word recognition, spelling patterns, letter sounds, combination sounds, long and short vowel sounds, and silent letters. What you will love the most about the Spelling 1-2 Software is that you can type your child’s weekly spelling lists into the program so that each game uses those weekly spelling words.

Your child will go on an amazing undersea adventure where spelling words are heard, seen, and typed in one game. Other games have them solve word scrambles and choose the correctly spelled word from a sea of misspelled words. These creative, interactive games are specifically designed to sharpen and reinforce your child‘s spelling skills while earning prizes, catching fish, and decorating a tropical lagoon.

The School Zone Advantage

As a parent, the power is in your hands—literally. With just one click of the mouse or stroke of the touchpad, you can provide highly interactive and educational software for your children that will help them pass timed math and spelling tests with flying colors!

School Zone Publishing Company is a leading provider of educational products for preschoolers through sixth graders. Since 1979, this family-run, Midwestern-based company has sold over 315 million educational software programs, workbooks, flash cards and games for children. Trusted by teachers and parents, School Zone leads the industry in quality content at affordable prices. A wide selection of supplemental materials for any family to enjoy are just a mouse-click away at

Author: Heather Preston. 8-9-10