Read to Succeed: School Zone Gives Parents and Kids the Necessary Tools
Three-Level Start to Read! Program for Early Learners Makes Reading Fun and Interactive

Grand Haven, MI (May 12, 2011) — Emergent readers need lots of help from parents, caregivers and teachers to succeed, but thankfully School Zone Publishing has harnessed their over 30 years of educational experience to create the Start to Read! Program. Originally developed by educator and School Zone co-founder Dr. James Hoffman, the updated sequence-based series, which consists of storybooks and complementary materials across three progressive reading levels, is designed to build a solid literary foundation for any child while teaching kids that reading is fun!

The multi-component Start to Read! Program uses a tried and true, 3-step approach to reading: listen, read, review. The 6-book set for each level contains five beginning reader books, a read-along and songs CD, a comprehension workbook and a parent guide. Each of the components provides children with a fun learning experience while working together to teach budding bookworms – as young as four – to read successfully. In addition to teaching basic reading concepts, the three-level series also accelerates learning and develops reading skills and vocabulary.

“Our Start to Read! Program was designed to encourage and excite children while teaching them the fundamentals of reading,” says Jonathan Hoffman, President and CEO of School Zone. “Our goal as creators, educators and parents is to ensure that our newest product creates strong, lifelong readers.”

Level 1 books are designed for emergent readers, ages 4-6, and have limited vocabulary – each book introduces between 9 and 50 words. Utilizing short, one-line sentences, the titles in level 1 provide simple picture clues that significantly support the text.

The five titles in the Level 2 collection feature brief stories that introduce controlled vocabulary, simple sentence patterns and rhyming words and are designed for children ages 5-7. Picture clues provide considerable support for the test. Each book presents the reader with 50-70 new words.

Level 3 features stories with the most new words and vocabulary and are aimed at readers ages 6-7. Many of the words can be read by changing the initial sound (rumbled-tumbled) or by rhyming with a known word (before-roar). Children should learn approximately 45-150 new words with each book.

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Memorable stories and characters
• 3-step approach to reading
• Comprehension workbook activities
• Story narration on audio CD
• Whimsical, age-appropriate songs

Each of the three levels will retail for $24.99; the deluxe kit, which includes all three levels, will be available for the high-value price of $59.99. The 15 individual storybooks are available separately for $2.99 each. All products are available from

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School Zone Publishing has been producing children’s educational products for over thirty years. Founded in 1979 by educators, this family-run company is a trusted source for workbooks, flash cards, and educational software. Heralded by parents and teachers as the best educational material, School Zone leads the industry in quality content at affordable prices.