Spelling 1-2 Software (Windows Download)


Download size: 100 MB. Download time: about 7 minutes on broadband.


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Spelling 1-2 Software (Windows Download) Description

Download size: 100 MB. Download time: about 7 minutes on broadband.

Help your child grow into a great speller with this high-energy software! Your child will have the opportunity to spell more than 2,000 first and second grade level words. A built-in tutor adjusts the level of difficulty to support increasing spelling proficiency.  This Spelling 1-2 software also allows personal spelling word lists to be added, and then those words appear in each of the spelling games. Clever, colorful themes and games enhance motivation. In the Sunken Ship’s Galley Game, a skeleton chef cooks up soup and fun, as kids see words, hear them, and type them. Young spellers can also try the Coral Reef word puzzle game. Put the letters in the right order to spell the word correctly. The fish band will play a happy tune if your child can unscramble every word. In Neptune’s Cave, misspelled words are mixed with the correct spelling. In all three games, right answers result in releasing trapped fish and winning “lagoon prizes” that enable users to create a special underwater world.

(U.S. English language conventions)

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Accepts custom word lists (20 words at a time)
  • Three unique spelling games
  • Audio pronunciations for built-in words
  • Progress tracking
  • Progress reporting
  • Instant grading
  • Audio prompts and encouragement
  • Animated scenes
  • Playful music
  • Colorful graphics
  • Interactive whiteboard-friendly

Skills: word recognition; spelling patterns; letter sounds; combination sounds; long and short vowel sounds; silent letters

Whiteboard Friendly

Whiteboard Friendly

School Zone software is whiteboard-friendly! Julie Chapman, owner/director of Miss Julie’s Early Childhood Education Academy in Indianapolis, uses School Zone software with interactive whiteboards in her everyday curriculum. Chapman said many of her graduating preschoolers enter kindergarten with “second-grade reading levels… our children are learning at such an alarming rate with School Zone’s software for the interactive whiteboard, it’s scary—even to me.” She says School Zone software is “an invaluable tool.”

Spelling 1-2 Software (Windows Download) Details

  • Product# 27001
  • Ages 6-8
  • Brand: School Zone
  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Pentium® III 1GHz
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 800x600 32-bit color video
  • 16-bit sound card
  • 700MB of available disk space
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
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