Welcome to School Zone's Puzzle Play Mazes Software!
In this Read Me document, you will find the following:
Age Level Ages 6-8
Educational Skills:
  • Cognitive reasoning
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Fine motor skills
Key Features:
  • The simple program design allows children to work independently.
  • Children can create their own mazes to share with family or friends.
  • Children can have the computer create a maze for them to play.
  • The mazes created can be printed to solve away from the computer.
  • School Zone Interactive software keeps children actively engaged.
How to Play:
  Welcome to Puzzle Play Mazes, the game where mazes are made. To get started, type your name into the box and click the 'OK' button.

Puzzle Play software makes making mazes easy; but if you need some help, click the question mark.
  Main Menu:
  • Sound Settings - Clicking the musical notes will turn the music off and on.
  • Play - Clicking the yellow 'PLAY' or green 'RACE' buttons will cause the computer to finish creating the maze and start the game.
  • Exit - You can leave Puzzle Play Mazes by clicking the orange 'EXIT' button.
  Build a Maze:
  1. Choose a Background
  Are you ready to make a maze? First, you must pick your maze background! Just click on one of the pictures at the bottom of the screen. The background you selected will fill the screen. To see 5 more maze backgrounds, click the red arrow pointing right; if you want to go back, click the red arrow pointing left. There are 30 mazes to choose from, 15 are illustrated maze scenes and 15 are shape mazes. When you have made your choice, click the purple 'GO' button.
  2. Construct a Path
  Now it is time to create the path for your maze.  There are two ways to make a path:
  1. Draw the path yourself by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or clicking around the screen with the mouse.  Remember to make the path go from the green start star to the red stop sign.  Click the 'UNDO' button at the top of the screen to remove the last segment you created. If you don't like the path you have drawn, click the 'CLEAR' button at the top of the screen to start over. Once you have the path you like, click the 'FINISH' button and the computer will fill in the rest of the maze.
  2. Click the yellow 'FINISH' button at the top of the screen. The computer will take over and draw the paths for you.
  After you have clicked the 'FINISH' button, you can still change the maze by clicking the 'REBUILD' button. The computer will create a new path. Keep clicking this button until you like the maze.

At any time during path construction you can get right to solving the maze by clicking the yellow 'PLAY' button.
  When the maze paths are complete and you’re ready to solve this puzzle, click the yellow 'PLAY' button to play yourself or to let a friend try. If you would like to race against the computer, click the green 'RACE' button.  Here are some important things to keep in mind as you play:
  1. Movement
  You must use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move through the maze.
  2. Single Player Mode
  The idea of the game is to get to the red stop sign as fast as possible.  The computer will be keeping track of your score.  When you finish the game, your score may be good enough for the Hall of Fame!

If you’re solving the maze on your own and want a new challenge, you can click the green 'RACE' button. The computer will race against you. The first player to the red finish sign wins.
  3. Race the Computer
  The computer will race against you. The first player to the red finish sign wins.

If you’re in the middle of racing against the computer and you want to stop and try to solve the maze by yourself, just click the yellow 'PLAY' button.
  4. Start a New Game
  Once you have solved a maze you will get your score.  Then you will need to decide if you want to play the same maze again or make a new maze.  To play again, click the 'PLAY AGAIN' button.  To make a new maze game, click the 'NEW GAME' button.

At any time you can stop the game you are playing and make a new maze by clicking the purple arrows located above the 'PLAY' button.  The purple arrow pointing left will take you back to construct a new path.  The purple arrow pointing right will take you to the maze backgrounds.  You can stop in the middle of playing a maze and leave the program by clicking the orange 'EXIT' button.
  Print a Maze:
  To print the maze you have made, click the blue 'PRINT' button in the bottom left corner.
  Exiting the Program:
  To leave Puzzle Play Mazes, click the orange 'EXIT' button
Technical Support:
  If you experience problems using this software, you can e-mail us at support@schoolzone.com or call us at 1-616-846-9601.

Support Hours:
Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST
Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST

Additional support is always available online at: www.schoolzone.com/support

Please have the following information available for technical support:
  • Operating system
  • CPU type and speed
  • Amount of RAM
  • Available hard drive space
  • CD-ROM speed
Minimum System Requirements:
  Windows® 7, Vista, XP SP3
    Pentium® III 1GHz (or equivalent)
    1GB of RAM
    800x600 32-bit color video
    16-bit sound card
    700MB of available disk space
    CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  Mac® OSX 10.8, 10.7.5, 10.6.8
    Intel Processor
    1GB of RAM
    800x600 32-bit color video
    700MB of available disk space
    CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
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