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Kids 3-7 will love Little Scholar because it's ready to play right out of the box and has fun, engaging content. Parents will love it because it delivers School Zone's proven learning curriculum and prepares kids for pre-K through 1st grade. This tablet provides a safe and secure learning environment that doesn't require access to the Internet to learn and play.



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Little Scholar with Green Bumper Description

Kids 3-7 will love Little Scholar because it's ready to play right out of the box and has fun, engaging content. Parents will love it because it delivers School Zone's proven learning curriculum and prepares kids for pre-K through 1st grade. This tablet provides a safe and secure learning environment that doesn't require access to the Internet to learn and play. It features Charlie and Company, an original preschool series that inspires curiosity, nurtures a love of learning, and empowers kids. This tablet is your child's Anywhere Teacher. Your child will enjoy learning core reading and math skills anywhere, anytime.

(U.S. English language & math conventions)

Ages 3-7

Tech Specifications

Google Android™ 4.4.4 KitKat 1 micro SD card slot
16 GB internal storage memory Micro SD card-compatible, up to 32 GB of memory
Bluetooth 4.0 Processor: 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9, up to 1.4 GHz
Built-in mono speaker 8.0” TFT (1024x768) Display
3.5 mm earphone jack Camera: Rear-facing: 2.0 MP, Front-facing: 0.3 MP
Textured, easy-grip bumper included Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Extra-long 5-ft power cord 1 micro USB 2.0 port

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Over 200 preloaded apps, videos, books, songs, and games
  • Exclusive, interactive, educational video series: Charlie & Company
  • Original content, in a kid-safe environment, with no additional costs
  • A+ Report Card app for viewing dynamic graphs and reports of children’s activity with each Little Scholar program
  • Audio praise and feedback
  • Rear- and front-facing camera
  • Durable construction designed for little hands and rigorous use
  • FREE protective bumper included.

Skills: colors, shapes; patterns; counting; numbers; addition; subtraction; letters; ABCs; uppercase letters; lowercase letters; multiplication; telling time; counting coins; phonics; rhyming; beginning letters; letter sounds; short and long vowel sounds; letter blends; spelling; matching; same and different; vocabulary; critical thinking; memorization; problem-solving; fine motor skills; observation; eye-hand coordination; focus

Little Scholar with Green Bumper Details

  • Product# 08677
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-681-47009-2
  • Contents: 1 Little Scholar tablet, 1 bumper, 1 power adapter, and 1 instruction booklet
  • Size: 11.625" x 8.375" x 2.875"
  • Ages 3-7
  • Brand: School Zone
  • Trademarks:
    • Little Scholar Tablet®
    • Charlie & Company™

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Submitted by: Portland
User Avatar
most of the 200 pre loaded apps are very age specific. My daughter is 3 and slightly advanced for her age. The screen is difficult for her to use. The puzzles have pieces that have to be placed perfectly for the program to accept them and if she accidentally touches the screen with her other hand or the palm of the hand she means to use, the pieces go everywhere. Also the in-app screens are so small that games that require more hand and eye coordination are near impossible even for us. While these issues are annoying and frustrating for my daughter, updates are possible. With a little more work or forethought this could be a really great product. For the current version though... I give it a "C". An absolute must for the next tablet should be a kick stand for the case that will hold it up in both orientations.
Submitted by: Illinois
Violet Ringtail
Our story begins with needing a tablet to keep my little tike quiet when grocery shopping or at an appointment. I'm not in favor of electronics for children, but I needed something. I first purchased a Kindle Fire from Amazon. Big Mistake! Don't waste your money. I would spend hours loading and reloading apps. I thought it was user error, except a friend had bought one for her son and she was having the same problems. I was frustrated and so was my 5 year old son. Then, I bought a School Zone workbook at Sam's Club. At night before bed is reading time at our home. My son would go immediately to his School Zone 1st Grade Workbook. He loved doing the different activities and I love the variety of lessons in the book. On the back of the book was an ad for this tablet. I thought, "What the heck? Could it be any worse then the Kindle Fire." I went to the website and read the reviews. I also went to Amazon and read the reviews. Some people said it takes a while to power up. I was cautiously optimistic and ordered. I ordered this tablet because I liked the idea that I could turn it on and it would work - no downloads, no nothing! Amazing; a tablet that is all-inclusive. I gave my son unlimited access for 30 days. I want to make sure it works, or it's going back. I will not mess with another tablet that can't perform. So far, we are both amazed. My son is in 1st grade. He plays in all areas of the tablet. We both track his progress and agree he should concentrate more in some areas, such as geography. After 30 days, I will register and update with more apps as he gets older. I am happy that I can do that. The only negative that I have about this tablet is that we can find no language lessons or games for him. I would love to see Spanish lessons and games. I am a real parent. I never write reviews because I am a single parent that works a full-time job. I feel so great about this product that I wanted to tell our story.
Submitted by: Vestavia, AL
User Avatar
I recently ordered Lil Scholar for my 4-year-old great-nephew. The Lil Scholar has helped him with his early education skills and is preparing him for Kindergarten. It makes learning fun and with all of the accessories, he can pack it up and take it with him everywhere he goes. His mother is a teacher and speaks highly of the product. This product scored a touchdown and the extra point!
Submitted by:
Violet Ringtail

We simply adore this tablet. We bought it for our almost six year-old grandson! He loves doing all kinds of learning with it. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful learning tool. It’s simple to use and is a lot of educational fun for the kids!

Submitted by: Kalamazoo
User Avatar

It was ready to go when [his dad] turned it on.  No setting up to do.  [My great-grandson] loved it and [his older brother] couldn’t get it out of his hands. LOL. He is only two and a half.  It is a fantastic tablet. It has books to read to the child, videos for the child about farms, etc., and music. It has learning apps as well as fun learning games. All preloaded so nothing has to be downloaded. If you have Wi-Fi it can even get the internet. But you don’t need Wi-Fi. The perfect Xmas or birthday gift.

Submitted by: Michigan
Levi Cottonwood

The Little Scholar has been a fun addition to our childrens room. Little ones and adults enjoy the variety of apps. One grandfather exclaimed to his granddaughter, "Hurry up, it's my turn!". The main selling features for us are 1) the tablet is ready to go, out of the box, 2) great selection of pre-loaded apps, and 3) wi-fi is not required.

Submitted by: New York
Charlie the Golden Retriever

We bought a Little Scholar tablet for my daughter for Christmas. We opened it right away, and soon found out that it was defective. I immediately contacted School Zone the next day and they promptly took care of my problem. I sent out the defective tablet and they sent me a brand new replacement tablet without any hassle or fuss. It is nice to know that there are great companies still out there. My daughter loves her tablet and my husband and I are so satisfied with it.

Submitted by: Denver
Charlie the Golden Retriever

We were given this tablet as a gift for my little girl when she turned one.  I would say that a lot of the games etc have limited use because of her development level, but she is learning what she can. I don't allow TV, but she does watch the videos and I have been surprised by how long they hold her attention span for 8- 10 minutes!  She also loves trying to figure out the buttons and what they lead to and I have played several of the games with her (naming numbers etc), which also hold her attention. I can see the wheels turning while using this with her and feel that it is improving her focus and concentration. It has introduced games and puzzles which is making her think.  Plus I would much rather her use this as an educational tool than doing the old cell phone finger swipes on a cell phone.

Submitted by: Louisville, KY
Jahzara Komali

My daughter learned to read from Jog Frog Jog!

Submitted by: Wisconsin
Violet Ringtail

Thank you School Zone for making such a great tablet. My son’s the happiest little person I know right now. He loves learning and repeating every word he hears on each app. His favorite thing to play on the Little Scholar is the Super Sandbox game featured in Colors, Shapes & More. My son and I love Little Scholar!

Submitted by: Pottstown, PA
Violet Ringtail

I've used School Zone for several years for my grandchildren!  I love the applications - however the sound is an issue.  With the sound settings at HIGH it is difficult to understand the directions given to the child several of the apps.  I've worked tirelessly with support to resolve this and it cannot be done. 

Remember you have on 30 days to return the device and there is NO WARRANTY on the device at all.

I think the School Zone is great and completely interactive with the children - but - a higher quality device would really be the ticket here!

Submitted by:
Jahzara Komali
I like the fact that it had a large number of preloaded educational apps, but the volume is too low and there is no way to return the tablet to factory configuration.
Submitted by:
Nestor Fields
Great for early school age groups. Don't have to worry about them accessing things on the tablet, like settings or Internet.
Submitted by:
Autumn Red Squirrel
Every day we are doing things on the tablet together. We love Charlie and Company and all the other things that are on there.
Submitted by:
Violet Ringtail
My grandson loves it.
Submitted by:
My 4 yr old son loves playing all of the games and watching the videos. We searched for a tablet that he could safely play with. He wanted to have fun and we wanted him to learn. This has been a perfect fit.
Submitted by: Chicago
I had the thing charged and connected to my home’s Wifi in a cinch. I didn’t have to download a thing. It comes with over 150 preloaded apps, videos, ebooks, and songs that help her master math, reading, and spelling. The games are progressive in their challenge level and are very creative. There’s nothing cuter than a three year old saying, “Daddy, look! These are my metacarpals.” It looks like somebody’s been playing the Napoleon Bone Apart game again. She likes to take pictures with the built-in cameras (front and back) and we both like to watch “Charlie and Company” videos and try to “puzzle it out” along with Miss Ellie and her golden retriever Charlie. The educational video series combines live action and animation.
Submitted by:
Lily Longlegs
My son was always grabbing for our phones, and now he has something that's all his own. It's cool that it's his and he feels ownership with it. What I like about this is that it's just for kids and everything on it is educational. We were anti-tablet when it comes to kids, but this has changed our opinion.

Submitted by:
Charlie the Golden Retriever
I like that when our son does something well, the tablet cheers for him. His face lights up, and he wants to get that recognition. The encouragement is wonderful.

Seeing him succeed, and getting the reinforcement from a tablet that is speaking to him, that is the best. His teacher thinks it's great, too. She says the educational apps reinforce what our kids are learning at school.
Submitted by: Pennsylvania
Autumn Red Squirrel
My son is so excited about this tablet. He calls it his 'pad'. The other morning, the first thing he said was, "Where's my pad!?" He has been doing things on the Little Scholar that I didn't even know he could do. He loves the flash card apps and has been tracing his letters with his finger.

Little Scholar is very empowering for kids. When he gets an answer correct, he jumps up and down and yells, "I did it! I did it!"

I like that this tablet shows me how long he has spent with each app, and exactly what he's learning. That's pretty neat. I totally feel totally comfortable giving it to him. Unlike the iPad, no matter what buttons he touches, he's going to land on something that is appropriate for kids.

We will be traveling this weekend, and you can bet he'll have it everywhere we go. 
Submitted by: Michigan
Lily Longlegs

My kids have been bopping around from game to game, book to book, and app to app. My youngest likes the stories at night, and she also likes the coloring by numbers. My 7 year old loves the baseball game. The first thing, right after school everyday, they all rush for the tablet. I highly recommend Little Scholar to other parents. I feel like it’s such a good tablet because my kids really are having so much fun, but they’re also learning. I don’t know if it’s just because kids are so connected with electronics, but they do everything form reading, coloring, and playing on this tablet. All the nooks and crannies of learning are on this tablet. Thank you School Zone!

Submitted by: New York
Lily Longlegs

My son Carson LOVES his new tablet!! He's particularly fond of tracing the letters with the directional arrows, and dragging letter chips to complete words. This is reinforcing what he's learning in Prek-4, and he's proud to show me at home what he can do. Plus, he has some fine motor skills issues, so writing with a pencil or crayon can be a challenge. But with Little Scholar, he can easily trace the letters with his fingers, which makes him so happy and boosts his confidence. The games, the music, the puzzles, the drawing, etc. etc.... there is so much to discover on this little tablet and I have to say I love that it's all pre-programmed!! As a mom, I also love that this is HIS tablet, and he stays away from my Kindle and phone. We are definitely taking this on our 8-hour drive to my in-laws for Xmas!

Submitted by: Canada
Violet Ringtail
We just received our new Little Scholar! What I LOVE about this tablet is that it is geared for my growing 5 year old. It is designed for a kid. I don't have to worry about her accessing the internet or downloading questionable apps. I also love that all the games are educational and fun. No worrying about ads, questionable kid content or mindless games. All the content is safe friendly and educational and all the things you appreciate about School Zone. I thought it was an excellent value. Can't wait to see what they will add next. Thanks School Zone!