Research indicates children learn sounds first, such as recognizing mother's voice. Forms are next, as in the unique appearance of mother or the forms called bed, tree, or table. Forms and shapes are easy for children to recognize and process. Soon, they will see and recognize similar patterns in words. For example, the letter A looks like a triangle and a circle forms the letter O.

The child is also seeing the colors of objects. The intensity, boldness, and variety of colors in the home, clothing and other surroundings place color words high in the hierarchy of words the child desires to learn. Children will name the color red about six months to a year before learning the actual word.

Play and practice help pull together essential concepts. For example, with Colors, Shapes & More flash cards, little learners "see it and say it." You experience their joy in learning the basic shapes, colors, and numbers as they identify, pair together, count, rhyme, match, and more. The cards offer a picture on one side with the associated word on the other.

Similarly, with our app of the same name, your preschooler will begin identifying and counting numbers 1-12 and recognizing colors, shapes, go-togethers, positional and rhyming words and much more.

School Zone offers flash cards, an iPad app, a Windows download, a Mac download and a CD that help teach colors, shapes, and more.