Hidden pictures are pure perceptual training. They are all about seeing a form within a form (or the absence of a form).

The value of dot-to-dots is that in addition to learning and reinforcing numbers or letters, the child also creates a picture, fine-turnes eye-hand coordination and experiences the accomplishment of completing a task.

In mazes, a child can solve a mystery, while having the perceptual fun of following a path. All kids learn and practice important perceptual skills; however, even children who have a perceptual deficit are helped to recover or catch up with path work, or following onscreen moving objects. In a maze exercise, kids are practicing eye-hand control, visualizing a path, anticipating outcomes, solving a problem, and completing a task.

Many School Zone workbooks offer hidden picture puzzles, mazes or dot-to-dot citivities, but a few are loaded with these. They include:

Puzzle Play Mazes Software & Workbook

Puzzle Play Hidden Pictures Software & Workbook

Puzzle Play Dot-to-Dots Software & Workbook