The simple answer is: books, flash cards, games, apps and other products that parallel and reinforce what is taught in school.

When a child has learned to walk and talk, has social skills, can jump and balance, and is secure with his physical skills, he is ready for school. Today, however, schools want kids really ready. Children used to enter kindergarten and be taught skills such as A-B-Cs, counting to 10 and colors and shapes. Schools now expect to see these readiness skills at school admission time. Otherwise, the child is placed in developmental kindergarten.

What can page work do for a child?
How are workbooks used by parents?

  1. They teach the skill;
  2. They are used as a test to make sure the child learned the skill in school;
  3. They are used as reinforcement during the summer to keep skills sharply tuned;
  4. They are used as a first-class ticket to the new skill or grade level.

Workbooks have their place even in today's digital environment, as do flash cards. Along with games and apps, they can be used with equal learning value. One is used with paper and pencil, the other other two--one by hand and one onscreen--enhance visual perception and eye-hand coordination, as well as learning or practicing specific skills. The most important factors in choosing workbooks are clarity of instructions and sequencing of skills relevant to the school's curriculum. Adults can use the workbooks in the same way. Adults with minimal math and reading skills have taught themselves basic skills with School Zone books.

School Zone products give parents and others tools to help with teaching at home. We not only cover the school curriculum in our books and other products, but mix the media.