Children are ready and eager for more—more action, information and adventure in their learning—and School Zone delivers, with exciting, multimedia educational products for preschool through sixth grade. Our products are created by educators.

The Workbook Advantage

Kids love color, characters, and “room” to play. School Zone workbooks deliver all that and so much more. More than 30 years ago the company responded to parents’ need for tools to help reinforce in-school learning. The first few workbooks sold out in six months, and the energy and momentum continue.

School Zone continues to design and offer workbooks with just the right blend of fun and challenge. Kids show it. Moms and dads know it.

One writes, “This is the best book ever, so much variation, really nice, creative, colorful pictures. My 5-year-old daughter does 2 to 3 different pages every day.” The applause is for School Zone’s Big First Grade workbook.

We update content based on new research rather than following fads or popular-but-pointless trends. Kids learn one skill and then move on to the next. For example, the math workbooks are based on national standards and principles. We get feedback that it works: “I bought this book to fill in our math curriculum gaps, and my 4-year-old loved it. It is easy to read too!!! I love all the colors and pictures.” The Word Problems 1-2 workbook.

Children love the workbooks’ bright colors and big variety. Parents appreciate their flexibility. Lives today are hectic. Many of our workbooks are take-anywhere size, and the larger ones (64-page+) have perforated pages ideal for using as individual worksheets. The workbooks have simple directions so kids can do most concepts themselves, yet also offer an ideal opportunity for parent-child interaction.

The School Zone Workbooks Advantage promises charming illustrations, a wide range of activities and approaches, and age- and skill-based sequential learning. It’s the best of timeless tradition in a contemporary format.


The Software Advantage

What makes School Zone software the best choice for your kids? Let’s start with ease of use. Audio instructions, easy-to-find “start” and “help” buttons, and child-friendly navigation make it a snap.

Meanwhile, School Zone specifically programs its software with “sticky mouse” action, an alternative to “drag and drop,” so the mouse isn’t the challenge — the focus is on educational development.

Just ask Jessica von Behren, a Florida mother, who called School Zone to share success stories from her daughter’s experiences. “This is the only software she has been able to use on her own. It gives her a huge sense of independence. She’s so happy that she can sit at her computer and play games. Her face just shines!” Her daughter’s favorite title is Preschool Pencil-Pal Software.

School Zone brings the fun. It’s always more enjoyable to play games with a friend. Addition & Subtraction Flash Action Software and Multiplication & Division Flash Action Software and many others have two-player game modes.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Our software features progress trackers, giving parents the power to see the areas where their kids need the most help, and rewards kids with printable certificates for a job well done.

Variety. We offer various software types to meet your specific educational needs.

The Software Advantage also includes colorful graphics, audio prompts and praise, silly sound effects, and funny reward animations that enhance the learning experience and keep it on track. Enjoy learning!

Flash Card Advantage

The Flash Card Advantage 

Why would Digital Age kids benefit from using flash cards? Because they offer a fun, fast, easy, time-tested way to memorize new information and apply important concepts. School Zone flash cards, in several unique formats, offer big learning power packed with near-endless possibilities.

Your child can use flash cards independently or with a friend. They are also a great way for parents to work with their kids and for siblings to help each other, turning learning into a family activity! Here’s what one parent observed about her daughters’ use of Colors, Shapes & More flash cards. “Our girls really love this set of flash cards. They play together. What our younger daughter does not know yet, our older daughter will help to teach her.”

School Zone flash cards have rounded corners for easy sorting, big, bold numbers, letters and images that are easy to read, and attention-getting bright colors that keep kids interested. The flash cards designed for younger ages help boost focus, concentration and eye-hand coordination, in addition to developing early language and number skills. A pleased parent noted that Picture Words flash cards open up multiple, creative activities: “The colors catch (my kids’) attention and we’ve made up so many games with them that they actually ask every day to play with them. I’ve recommended these to other parents.” School Zone’s flash cards for older kids help prepare them for speed drills and timed math and spelling tests at school.

Most flash card sets include a Parent Card with tips and instructions for using, plus an access code for a Golden Scholar Club free online gift of downloadable song, game, video or story book.

The School Zone flash card Advantage delivers terrific value and provides take-anywhere learning.


The Download Advantage

Your child needs help with math, spelling, reading, or other early educational concepts — and fast. You’ve come to the right place.

School Zone downloads deliver “right now!” educational results with dozens of fun, engaging and entertaining titles. No trips to the store. No waiting for a package to arrive via snail mail. And, most importantly, no worrying about whether your purchase will, indeed, help your child — School Zone has 30-plus years experience sending kids to the head of the class.

School Zone’s downloadable software titles provide you with easy-to-use content featuring audio instructions, on-screen guidance, progress tracking, and printable rewards for a job well done.

Download Windows software directly from our website or discover quick links to apps for Macintosh computers, the iPad and iPhone as well as apps for Google Play and the Kindle.

School Zone’s downloads are more than just educational — they’re fun. Titles like Spelling 1-2, Alphabet Express, On-Track Reading Readiness, On-Track Time, Money & Fractions, and Transition Math K-1 On-Track Software include skill-building games between traditional lessons to keep kids engaged and excited about learning. Help expand your child's imagination and vocabulary through song with School Zone's sing-along music downloads!

Scott McDaniel recently downloaded On-Track Math 2 for his 7-year-old daughter to help her reinforce classroom lessons.

“I did not see that the software program provided by her school in conjunction with her textbook was providing her with enough fun practice,” he said. “(School Zone’s) program delivered exactly what it promised. My daughter got a lot of practice in a very fun way.

“She really liked the games that were available at the end of each section and never complained about ‘“practice.’”

See for yourself. Have fun learning!