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Alphabet K-1 Workbook

Alphabet K-1 Workbook will guide your child through working on alphabetical order and more.Alphabet K-1 Workbook provides practice in writing each letter of the alphabet.Alphabet K-1 Workbook contains practice in writing and understanding the sound of each letter.Activities for both uppercase and lowercase are a part of Alphabet K-1 Workbook.Alphabet K-1 Workbook is a great resource for learning and improving alphabet knowledge.
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SKU: 02003

Alphabet K-1 Workbook

The letter ‘A’ stands for adventures in learning! The alphabet is an essential first step in learning to read. From everyday to extraordinary, the world of words and ideas starts here. The letter K begins “key,” but it also stands for koala bears swinging through a tree! This workbook will help your child master key reading readiness skills, such as recognizing the letters of the alphabet and identifying the sounds for which the letters stand. In addition, your child will get lots of practice tracing and writing each letter and working with alphabetical order. Tracing and writing entire words helps reinforce letter-word relationships. Finding 6 “big” and “little” letters hidden in a picture also develops observation and concentration.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Golden Scholar Club redemption code
  • 31 pages of alphabet practice
  • Parent Guide inside front cover
  • Activities to Share inside back cover
  • “Yippee! Great Job!” Award Certificate

Skills: alphabet; alphabetical order; ABCs; letters; letter-object recognition; letter-word recognition; printing letters; focus; observation; eye-hand coordination

Alphabet K-1 Workbook Details

  • Product# 02003
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-938-25603-8
  • Contents: 32 pages
  • Size: 10.875" x 7.75"
  • Ages 5-7
  • Brand: School Zone
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